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keynote / motivational speaker

Sid's story is as ridiculous as it is wonderful - how does a kid riddled with anxiety and stage fright end up travelling the world as a dancer, become a DJ playing in front of audiences of 100,000 and be invited to Buckingham Palace to open for the Queen? This is a story of the power of what's truly possible when you find your purpose.


Sid has created a life filled with a variety of incredible experiences thanks to some very simple philosophies. In his keynote presentations Sid shows you how this mindset has served him, allowing him to travel the world making a living out of the one thing he does best - simply being himself.


He questions the narratives that we tell ourselves in how we should live our lives, and invites you to do the same.


The message is simple:


No one can be YOU better than you can be you. Find your unique voice. Create magic like no one else can. Change the world.

For more information on this or any other Keynote speaking, get in touch with Sid today.

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